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“Tarantella e Musica Etnica del Sud Italia”


Tarantella and Ethnic Music from Southern Italy

Presented by Davide Zannoni
Curated by Corinna Messina

With its multi–layered and divided history, Italy has an outstanding variety of different folk traditions that go from the polyphonic choirs of Liguria to the tarantella of Puglia; from the ancient and mysterious vocalizing of Sardinia to the satiric stornelli of Tuscany; from the work–songs of rice–gatherers in Piemonte to the work–songs of tuna fishermen in Sicily. With the help of several original recordings, some of which date back to the Forties, instrumental, vocal and dance traditions are analyzed in depth with particular attention given to the cultural, sociological and technical aspects. In the first incontro we'll focus on Southern Italy, taking a closer look at dances like tarantella and pizzica, and specific traditions such as the Sicilian snug story–telling.

Davide Zannoni is a composer whose music is performed and recorded internationally.

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