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Napoli: Il Percorso Vulcanico


Napoli: Il Percorso Vulcanico

Presented by Maria Lamberti d'Elia,
and curated by Corinna Messina

Life in and around Naples has always been intense. The climate, sea, harbor, invadors, pirates and occupiers all added to the chaotic pace of Neopolitain life. Yet all these factors seem timid and weak when compared to the most identifiable aspect of Naples: Mount Vesuvius. The volcano is an invariable shaping force behind the strong cultural identity that makes this place what it is and the people who they are. An eruption is not merely just a dangerous possibility but a fact of daily life around a city that is estimated to be Europe's most densely populated region. Vesuvis is one of a handful of superficial reminders of other activities that lie below the surface. Discover places like the Island of Ischia, the legendary Solfatara, and I Cami Flegrei with incredible volcanic lakes. This incontro will be an audiovisual presentation about how to travel to, and around the Naples area. Learn how to navigate from museums to parks, archeological wonders and health spas that date back to Greek and Roman times made possible only by incredible hydrothermal volcanic activities.

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